Wordfence Security is an enterprise class security plugin that makes your site up to 50 times faster and more secure.


  • Real-time blocking of known attackers.
  • Sign-in using your password and your cellphone to vastly improve login security.
  • Scans for the HeartBleed vulnerability.
  • Enforce strong passwords among your administrators, publishers and users.
  • Includes a firewall to block common security threats like fake Googlebots, malicious scans from hackers and botnets.
  • See how files have changed. Optionally repair changed files that are security threats.
  • Scans for signatures of over 44,000 known malware variants that are known security threats.
  • Scans for many known backdoors that create security holes.
  • See all your traffic in real-time, including robots, humans, 404 errors, logins and logouts and who is consuming most of your content.

Where can I get more information?

To read more information or get help with any problems, visit the Wordfence site or the WordPress support page.