Contact Form allows you to add a feedback form easilly and simply to a post or a page.


  • Actions: There is a possibility of choosing where to send email messages. This can be either any user of the website or any other email.
  • Actions: Ability to add a field for attaching a file to the contact form.
  • Actions: Ability to add a field for sending a copy of the letter to the user who fills out a contact form. A copy will be sent to email, specified while filling the contact form.
  • Label: There is a possibility to change a label when the fields of the form are displayed.

Where I can find settings to adjust work of the plugin after activation?

In the ‘Plugin’ menu you can find a link to the settings page.

After plugin installation I haven’t adjusted the settings. What is the default email address which will be used for a contact via the form?

Default address which was specified during WordPress installation will be used by the Contact Form plugin as the default email address.

How can I add Contact Form to my website?

You need to put shortcode [contact_form] into your page or some post.

Where can I get more information?

More information for this plugin can be found at the developer’s website.